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Project inspiration Series. Volume 1. Saratoga Springs.

  • 2 min read

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You really can find inspiration anywhere. On a walk, meditating, in a movie, on a bike ride etc. I find so much inspiration when I travel. The city’s architecture,fashion, parks, and of course interiors.

On a recent trip I took to Saratoga Springs not only did I find the cutest vintage bag shop I came across a beautiful historic building called the Pompeia building built in 1889 by Franklin Webster Smith. Inspired by Pompei, Smith modeled this building after the famous House of Pansa. Smith filled the building with ancient artifacts and replicas, and had a beautiful mural mosaic painted on the interior. Recently the building was repurposed into the headquarters of Death Wish Coffee. (Check out Death Wish’s article about the building and see more photos of the building and office space. Pick up some coffee while you are there too! So not only was I getting my caffeine on but I got to see the inside of this beautiful historic building. They had done a nice job of utilizing the lobby for merch and coffee but still keeping the original details intact and not overloading the space where you could not appreciate the architectural details.

One of the details that really hit me were the beautiful black and white marble floors. I am working with a client who likes classic elements but is looking for a modern twist. I used the color and pattern of that floor to inspire the tile design in the tub space. I specified black and white porcelain tile that has the look of marble. This keeps the budget in line and is lower maintenance for bathroom that will be heavily used.

The brushed gold fixtures bring in a modern element as well as a nice warm pop to the space. Using pendant lights elevates the look of the space as opposed to a standard over the mirror light and provides the most optimal lighting for applying makeup and shaving. Finally working in the small space, I utilized a floating vanity cabinet. This allows for some storage in the bathroom but also the visual of the tile under the vanity which makes the space feel a little larger. I really am so pleased with the mix of classic and modern elements of this bathroom.

I had a great time visiting Saratoga Springs and designing this beautiful bathroom. Remember to take in inspiration all around you. At Emerald Design Studio we would love to work with what inspires you and give it the flair to be uniquely yours. Contact us today!