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Drawings:Emerald Design Studio's (herein referred to as EDS) drawings are conceptual in nature and are intended to set forth design intent; they are not to be used for architectural or engineering purposes. EDS cannot guarantee possibility of modifications to structural, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, ventilation or other mechanical systems in the Project. EDS is not a general contractor and does not provide contractor services. EDS is not responsible for incorrect measurements provided by the client.

Copyright:  Emerald Design Studio retains the copyright to all drawings and concept boards. Drawings and any customer supplied photos will be used for business purposes, including, but not limited to: press, publications, online, social media, marketing, advertising, and print.  EDS will not disclose address or Client’s name without prior consent. Client may not reproduce or redistribute drawings for financial gain.

Affiliate purchases:  EDS is not responsible for client's purchase of materials. All warranties, refund policies and product guarantees are with customer and third party.While Emerald Design Studio only recommend products and brands we feel are of great quality EDS is not responsible for customer satisfaction with recommended product.

Warranties:EDS provides no warranty for the services provided. However, the Client is entitled to any manufacturer’s warranties for items purchased through affiliate links. Such warranties shall be held between the manufacturer and the Client; EDS is in no way obligated to engage in, initiate, or support warranty claims.